How Compliance Solutions Can Increase Your Profit!

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On a single charge and oh yes it’s not going to be the most functional thing and going forward who knows how well this is actually going to be supported but for bucks not bad alright what is our fourth products a mysterious cardboard box oh okay a USB pet rock important open box carefully do not remove rock before reading instructions.

literally a rock with a hole cut into it and a USB cable Ken how much did this cost you’re laughing too much how much does this cost $ the hole in it there’s a USB cable you know just when you think that Ken’s doing a great job he’s busting out these cool tech items left and right and then you get a USB pet rock all right let’s just plug this thing in get it over with I’m like half expecting this to be full of malware or something will happen when we plug our.

Pit rock in absolutely nothing absolutely nothing happens at least we can make sure that our USB pet rock feels like he’s part of the st century and connected to all the other devices in our lives uh yeah what is this a fifty millimeter . lens Oh Oh actually something that’s not terrible after the rock I was expecting garbage town $ all right Wow this is uh this is identical looking to the canon fifty one point eight so if you guys have ever really gotten into slider’s.

you’ll know that usually compliance solutions the first lens you get is a ml lens now that does it give you a kind of interesting look but it’s also really cheap however bucks is uh that’s pretty cheap this is like laughably lightweight but if we pop it on our camera here see what we’ve got that noise okay okay let’s let’s do this let’s do this it’s actually not that bad looking see here’s take a picture of our super cool pet rock dude this is actually pretty decent so now they can version the one that they’re knocking off here is usually around.

a hundred dollars or so so to get what looks to be pretty similar for fifty bucks is not bad at all what you’re looking at right now is actually a camera using a much more expensive millimeter lens so if we put the $ option on this is what things look like now I can’t really tell from all the way over here but it probably isn’t that far off Ken what do you think pretty good all right.